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Located near the village of El Tránsito, on the majestic Pacific coast of Nicaragua, this Oceanfront land property is for Sale.

The land offers multiple ways of investment from residential to tourism developments and consists of:

  • 135 Acres (55 Hectares) of land with direct access to the Village through existing roads

  • Half-mile (800 Meters) of sandy coast and rocky ledge with natural pools

  • A 50 Meters (165 Feet) high hill with fantastic views of the Ocean, the beaches and El Tránsito Village

  • Access to electricity and water

Oceanfront land property to buy in Nicaragua

Land delimited by the white line


Nicaragua is a beautiful country full of vibrant culture, friendly people, breath-taking landscapes, enchanting colonial cities and hundreds of miles of pristine coastlines abundant with world-class surf.

In recent years, Nicaragua has gone from a little known country in Central America to a worldwide hotspot for tourism, development and investment. Scores of people come to Nicaragua every year to explore the rivers, lakes and mountains, climb atop the numerous volcanoes and search for perfect waves. Beyond all of this excitement, there are many other reasons to look towards Nicaragua.


The Economy
Nicaragua has one of the fastest real GDP growth rates in Central America and is poised to benefit from rapid and sustained economic growth. It has passed several laws specifically designed to attract and protect foreign investors. Laws allow for 100% foreign ownership in every economic sector and there are no restrictive visa or work permits required for investments.


The Real Estate Market
Nicaragua is rapidly growing as one of the most popular real estate investment destinations in the world. Not only does it offer investors the opportunity to enter a growing market at a low price, but it also offers a wide variety of properties to choose from. The combination of the cheapest real estate prices of any other country in Central America and the low cost of living, make Nicaragua an excellent investment choice... a choice many foreigners are beginning to discover.


As tourism continues to grow, so do business opportunities. Nicaragua has the most attractive and most aggressive tourism-incentive laws in all of Latin America. Law 306 provides countless incentives for foreigners to invest in tourism-related businesses and the application and approval process is far from painstaking. The law allows qualifiers to avoid income and real estate taxes for up to 10 years and also allows them to import or buy all of your supplies tax free.


Nicaragua has recently changed residency laws making it even more appealing for foreigners to retire and become a resident in the country. These law changes have increased tax exemptions for household goods and vehicles as well as created an exemption from sales tax on home construction materials for retirees who become residents. The health care system is also one of the most affordable programs in the region. What better reasons to retire and live in Nicaragua!



Contrary to popular belief, Nicaragua is a stable, safe and peaceful country. It is ranked as the second safest country in all of Latin America and has a lower reported crime rate than the United States and other European countries. If you ask anyone that has ever visited, they're sure to tell you all about the incredibly friendly people of Nicaragua.

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Central America’s largest country, Nicaragua, is located immediately north of Costa Rica. It is situated between the Caribbean Sea to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Nicaragua’s breathtaking Pacific Coastline is where El Tránsito sits nestled on a volcanic sand beach, less than an hour’s drive from the capital city of Managua. This 60 km drive is composed of 50 km of brand new tarmac road and 10 km of clean track.

This little fishing village on the coast between León and Managua sits on a near-perfect crescent bay. The sand is blacker here, due to volcanic residue. The beach offers perfect surf conditions all year-long and near the lava flows, there are protected swimming holes that are especially fun for kids.

Oceanfront land property to buy in Nicaragua
Oceanfront land property to buy in Nicaragua

Main road from the capital (50km)

Oceanfront land property to buy in Nicaragua

Track to El Tránsito (10km)

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Drone footage of the Oceanfront property

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El Transito has the reputation to be an all year round consistent break. A hidden secret in Central America where you can surf almost alone.

When other breaks North or South are flat like a swimming pool, El Transito will normally give you some waist to chest waves. Every level of surfers will be pleased in El Transito. We have some barrels sections, some mellows fun lines and some perfect beginner waves right in front of the property. No matter what you are looking for, you can have it here.

The Village


El tránsito remains an authentic fishermen village. Catch lobster and fish from the beach or meet the local fishermen as they arrive in from work early every morning. Check out the local rodeo or a game at the newly finished baseball field. There is some great coastal hiking to the south and north of El Transito’s beach. Snorkeling can be fun too.



Hike the Cerro Negro, the youngest volcano in Central America, last erupted 1999 and is the most active in Nicaragua.

Hike up the rocky side and surf down the sandy side.

This volcano is a wonder of nature a pure black cone.

You can visit the 2 activate craters, feel the heat, smell the gases and enjoy the views.

Near the Cerro Negro, there is another active Volcano, the Telica. Hike up during the afternoon and enjoy the sunset and views of the craters.


The elegant city of León, one of the first Spanish colonial cities built in the continent, preserves its attractive historical center and colonial buildings.

Leon is one of the most important cities in the country. The center itself is an attractive destination due to its museums, art galleries, colorful colonial architecture, an imposing cathedral, and the facades of its churches. The city also has hotels, restaurants, local tour operators, bars and clubs. It is also a good starting point to explore the region.

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Oceanfront land property to buy in Nicaragua

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